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Enjoy Traditional Japanese Entrees for Dinner Tonight

Whether you’ve tried traditional Japanese food before or not, we have tons of great options for dinner. Contact one of our 3 convenient locations in Downtown Knoxville, Northshore, and Maryville to reserve a table.

Panko Fried Udon Noodles Ramen Noodles Rice Bowls Hibachi Kids & Sides


Panko Fried


Chicken チキンカツ $8

Pork とんかつ $9

Shrimp えびフライ $10

Beef ビフカツ $12

Whitefish 白身魚フライ $10

Oyster かきフライ $14

Assortmentミックスフライ $12
Assortment comes with one piece each of chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, white fish, and oyster

Add Soup and Rice for $4

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Udon Noodles

thick wheat flour noodle soup soba (add +$1) thin buckwheat noodle soup
*served with hot or cold

kitsune udon (soba) きつねうどん
topped with sweet tofu skin, wakame, scallions, crab stick, and tempura flakes. $8

tempura udon (soba)天ぷらうどん(そば)

topped with shrimp and mixed vegetable tempura, wakame seaweed, scallions, and crab stick. $12

curry udon (soba)カレーうどん

hot curry based soup with chicken and onion, topped with scallions. $9.5

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Ramen Noodles


shoyu ramen しょうゆラーメン

a soy-based soup with stir-fried beef, onions, green beans, and mushrooms. $9.5

tonkotsu ramen とんこつラーメン

a pork broth soup with stir-fried pork, onions, green beans, and mushrooms. $9.5

miso ramen 味噌ラーメン

a miso broth soup with sweet miso beef, scallions, cabbage, and mushrooms. $9.5

chashu ramen チャーシューラーメン

topped with boiled eggs, chashu, bean sprout, scallions, and nori seaweed.

shoyutonkotsu, or miso $13

ramen salad 冷やし中華

cold ramen w/sweet & sour sesame sauce. Topped with shrimp, egg, cucumber, crabstick, scallion, and grilled chicken.$10

yakisoba 焼きそば

stir-fried ramen style noodles with chicken or tofu, cabbage, and onions. topped with seaweed and scallions. add bonito flakes if you like. $8.5

yakiudon 焼きうどん

stir-fried udon noodles with chicken or tofu, cabbage, and onions. topped with seaweed and scallions. add bonito flakes if you like. $8.5

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Rice Bowl


served with your choice of soup or salad. substitute white rice for noodle or fried rice for $2

japanese curry カレーライス

curry is the most popular dishes in Japan. cooked with a variety of vegetables. $12

add tofu $1 / chicken $2

shrimp $5 / beef $6

katsu curry カツカレー

panko-fried seafood or meat on the top of curry sauce

tofu / chicken $13

pork / white fish / shrimp $14

beef / oyster $18

chicken bowl 照り焼きチキン丼

topped with chicken and vegetable marinated with teriyaki sauce. $12

yakiniku bowl 焼肉丼

beef, onion, and green pepper marinated with garlic teriyaki sauce $17

oyako bowl 親子丼

chicken, egg, and onions are all simmered together in sweet sauce. topped with scallions $12

katsu bowl カツ丼

panko pork or chicken, egg, and onions are all simmered together in sweet sauce. topped with scallions $15

tempura bowl 天丼

shrimp and mixed vegetable tempura with sweet soy sauce $12

tekka bowl* 鉄火丼

sashimi tuna marinated with sweet soy sauce. topped with scallions and seaweed. $20

eel bowl うな丼

a popular rice bowl dish made with barbecued eel and eel sauce $16

chirashi* ちらし寿司

four kinds of sashimi, eel, shrimp, crabstick, smelt roe, and tamago on a bowl of sushi rice $20

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Hibachi Grill


all entrées are served with your choice of rice and soup or salad. substitute rice for noodle for $2. (appetizer is not included soup, salad, or rice)

teriyaki 照り焼き

seafood or meat in a teriyaki sauce on a variety of vegetables and white or fried rice. you can also add one or more items from hibachi appetizer.

tofu豆腐照焼 $11 / chicken 鶏肉照焼$12

ahi tunaまぐろ照り焼き $12 / salmon 鮭照り焼き $14

shrimp えび照り焼き $14 / scallop ホタテ照り焼き $16

beef steak サイコロステーキ

tender cubic cut steak and mushroom with soy sauce. served with white or fried rice. $13

hibachi appetizer

tofu, chicken, or ahi tuna $7 / beef steak $8

salmon $9 / shrimp $9 / scallops $11

soy vegetable 野菜炒め

mixed vegetables stir-fried in soy sauce and sesame oil

entrée $11 appetizer $7

pork kimchee 豚キムチ

pork, onion, green, pepper, and scallions stir-fried with kimchee

entrée $13 appetizer $9

yakiniku スタミナ焼き

beef, onions and, green peppers cooked in a garlic teriyaki sauce

entrée $13 appetizer $9

cajun white fish 白身魚ケージャン風

one big cut of grilled white fish seasoned with cajun spices. served with mixed vegetables

entrée $14 appetizer $10

grilled salmon サーモンステーキ

grilled sashimi salmon topped with butter and capes. served on white or fried rice and mixed vegetables

entrée $13 appetizer $9

milos tuna まぐろステーキ

ahi tuna steak served on white or fried rice and mixed vegetables. topped with marinated tomatoes, onion, and mango.

entrée $13 appetizer $9

beef tongue 牛タン

stir-fried thinly sliced beef tongue with onion and scallion

entrée $13 appetizer $9

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Kids & Sides


fried rice $4

fired rice with egg and soy sauce.

add vegetable, chicken, or pork +$3, beef or shrimp +$4

kids bowl

chicken teriyaki on a bowl of rice. $5

noodles $3

white rice $2

kids panko

3 pieces of panko chicken served with sweet potato fries. $5.5

kimchee fermented napa cabbage with spicy seasonings $4

steamed vegetables $4

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